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Leveraging electron scattering data to improve neutrino interaction modeling

The extraction of mixing parameters in accelerator-based neutrino oscillation measurement relays on detailed understanding of neutrino-nucleus interactions and the reconstruction of incident neutrino energy. With improved detection technologies and neutrino production beams, nuclear interaction uncertainties are becoming a leading and limiting systematic for the analysis of neutrino oscillation measurements.

Building on the large similarity of electron- and neutrino-nucleus interactions, the electrons-for-neutrino collaboration is leading a set of precision electron-nucleus interaction measurements at various beam energies and target nuclei to test, constrain, and validate models of neutrino-nucleus interactions.

We welcome all collaborators to join our e4nu effort.



Experiments on electrons interacting with atomic nuclei have shown that the models used to measure neutrino oscillations — and thereby possibly to understand the formation of the Universe — are less accurate than we thought.

These experiments are used to study ghostly particles that hold the secrets of the cosmos, but a new study suggests 70% of interactions are badly reconstructed.

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