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If you are interested in reproducing our results, please see links and brief discussion below

Some basic requirements include:

  1. A build of CERN ROOT
    2. Access to the e4nu Software from GitHub

To reproduce our plots, see the Results_C/ folder within the github, and you can run each of these within a ROOT session to produce the plots; you can also directly view the bin contents of each plot. Here are a few examples:




In principle, if you produce outputs of identical observables from your own independent models, you may overlay your results easily within the ROOT TCanvas objects created by these scripts.


To go a bit further, you can use the e4nu github branch e4v_multiplicity to produce multiplicity plots with full fiducials from the CLAS6 detector.

You can also complete comparisons with CLAS6 fiducial corrections via the e4nu github branch e4nu_truth, with all plotting codes readily available.

If you would like to go still further, you can fully build the e4nu software through the same github repository. A warning: the software is many thousands of lines long, and you will likely have to request access to Fermilab computing resources in order to process our GENIE event samples (~1TB in size).

For access to the original data release from our Nature publication, see the below link:
Supplementary Information, Nature volume 599, pages 565–570 (2021)

If you would like to access this data elsewhere, you can do so here.


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